Escalator / Travelator

Refined yet resilient, moving customers and tenants in ways that guide and delight

Our escalators are safe, reliable and designed to integrate seamlessly with your building. Our moving walks are engineered to be whisper quiet and smooth. Both are custom-made to complement your building’s unique environment.


  • Max rise height: 12 m at a step width of 1,000 mm
  • Inclination: 30 / 35 degrees
  • Normal step width: 600 / 800 / 1,000 mm (contract base available)
  • Speed: 0.5 mps

EPSS of escalator products, in strict accordance with iso9001:2008 standard production, ensure the high quality of products. The escalator has two kinds of point of view for the user to choose, 35 degrees of the escalator for you save floor space, 30 degrees of the escalator to provide you with a better ride comfort. Apply to shopping malls, large supermarket, subway, airport traffic, the flow of the construction of bright scenery for you.

When it comes to safety, just meeting code is not enough. The sheer breadth of our additional features stands testament to our dedication to your safety. Employing the very best materials and precision engineering methods, we provide failsafe freedom of choice.


  • 1 Acrylic wedge guard deflectors
  • 2 Increased height anti-fall balustrade
  • 3 Painted yellow demarcation lines
  • 4 Aluminum steps
  • 5 Rounded step nose (4 mm radius)
  • 6 Anti-climb barrier panels
  • 7 Guardian™ low-friction skirt panels available in black or stainless steel
  • 8 Black or aluminum profile brush guards
  • 9 Yellow-coated combs


  • Max length: 80 m
  • Inclination: 0° up to 6°, 10°, 12° (special request 11° available)
  • Palette widths: 800 / 1,000 mm
  • Speed: 0.5 mps

EPSS of Moving Walks products, adopt international advanced technology design and manufacturing, has a delicate structure, smooth operation, convenient maintenance, provide passengers, bright beautiful, comfortable new, let you appreciate the charisma and luxury of modern architecture style. Widely used in various shopping malls, railway stations, docks, airports, shopping centers, recreation centers, exhibition ha, ls and other public places.

Increased safety

short pallets of the EPSS Moving Walk inclined line are guided beneath the skirting, increasing user safety even further. The pallets are directly attached to the chain, so there’s no need for connection elements and rollers that are susceptible to wear. This makes the EPSS Moving Walk inclined line quietly and increases service life. The slightly cambered pallet surface also offers excellent grip even when damp or wet.

Energy-efficient, eco-friendly

Integrated with our latest energy-saving technology: premium drive efficiency, smart power management at times of low passenger density and selected low-power components, the EPSS Moving Walk inclined is one of the most efficient moving walks in retail applications.

Small installation dimensions

The EPSS Moving Walk inclined is the most compact moving walk ever. Patented short pallets with a depth of only 133 mm greatly reduce the transition curves. As a result, these moving walks require minimal installation space.

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